What is Nearshore Software Outsourcing?

The Nearshore service contracting modality offers the same benefits as Offshoring but with the added value of proximity in terms of culture, time zone and distance. In Dividato we provide the necessary talent that best suits your needs, culture and budget. We offer our wide network of preselected people and our recruitment team to guarantee an impeccable experience in the developments.

Why Argentina?

Right time zone

Our main delivery center is located in Córdoba, Argentina (GMT-3). The region has cheap and direct flights to major cities in the United States.

Higher universities

We have access to the best universities in Argentina, considered to be the best universities in Latin America.

Cost savings - 55%

When you partner with Dividato to start your own Delivery Center in South America, you can get great cost savings from the first month.

Argentina is the best country in Latin America to establish its own Delivery Center, thanks to its well-educated workforce, high level of English, time zone and more. Argentina is the home of HP, McAfee, Amazon, Globant, MercadoLibre, Despegar.com, Oracle and other world leading companies.

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Why with Dividato?

When you associate with Dividato you will receive these benefits thanks to its solid infrastructure conquered during your career. We cover everything!

We hire the right engineers filtering the best talent with our excellent selection process. The result is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring American talent of the same caliber.

We set up a complete professional work station ready to join your team. We create an environment for your brand in our offices. Our candidates become a true member of your team. It will be your new site in LATAM!

We pay monthly to your team members and cover all local government taxes for you. Do not worry about the hiring process, unemployment, finances, payroll, IT infrastructure or legal problems.

Competence Center

Software Development
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Web Development
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Mobile Apps
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Quality Assurance
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Reduce and balance risks by outsourcing nearshore software development. Get the right equipment at the right time for the right cost. We help companies innovate, bring products and services to the market faster with multidisciplinary nearshore software development services and customized extended equipment for their growth needs.

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Looking for talent?

We provide you with additional talent. If you have an internal development team and you need to expand it, we offer you the resource to suit you.

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If your company knows what it needs but does not have the technical staff to develop it, it delegates the development with professionals.

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