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Dividato's comprehensive development services support you in all your technological needs and more. Let us show you how a software development company can help you maximize productivity and dispel any doubts you may have about regional services.

Our Methodology

1. Start Project

Our Project Managers (PM) take the work order to start the project.

2. Requisitions

The assigned PM, together with the Technical Leader (TL) of the project, define the requirements.

3. UX & UI

Our designers carry out the prototyping guaranteeing the best user experience.

4. Development

Here our developers take action to convert the prototype to their product.


5. QA & QC

Our team of testers ensure the quality of the product delivered.

6. UAT

We ensure compliance with the needs and / or requirements of the client and its users.

7. Client Feedback

We request feedback from the client to ensure acceptance.

8. Delivery

This methodology allows us to fulfill deliveries agreed on time and with quality assurance.

We are specialists in:

We have provided customized development services, system implementations and outsourcing software development management systems to more than 150 companies.

We are in


Córdoba, Argentina

Luis de Tejeda 4585, Cerro de las Rosas, Córdoba, Argentina.

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Miami, USA

6135 NW 167 Street, Suite E-18, Miami Lakes, Miami, Florida, USA.

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+54 9 351-7545935

6135 NW 167 Street, Suite E-18, Miami Lakes, FL 33015., Miami, Florida. USA

Luis de Tejeda 4585, Cerro de las Rosas, Córdoba. Argentina

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Looking for talent?

We provide you with additional talent. If you have an internal development team and you need to expand it, we offer you the resource to suit you.

Do you have a project?

If your company knows what it needs but does not have the technical staff to develop it, it delegates the development to professionals.

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